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Introducing Guitar Teacher Cape Town


Guitar Teacher Cape Town was founded in 2008.


We have now grown to provide dynamic home teachers for guitar, piano, violin and singing. We offer affordable rates of R330 per lesson - and this is for a lesson in the comfort of your own home. If you want to go to the teacher, we can offer lessons for only R290 per lesson.



What makes us unique ?



 Guitar Teacher Cape Town, For All Your Guitar Teacher Cape Town Requirements. Our tutors come to you - lessons in the comfort of your own home  
 Guitar Teacher Cape Town, For All Your Guitar Teacher Cape Town Requirements. Our prices are very fair - considering teachers are travelling to you  
 Guitar Teacher Cape Town, For All Your Guitar Teacher Cape Town Requirements. Our teachers are dynamic and patient  
 Guitar Teacher Cape Town, For All Your Guitar Teacher Cape Town Requirements. Teaching style is relaxed, focusing on enjoyment of music as a priority  
 Guitar Teacher Cape Town, For All Your Guitar Teacher Cape Town Requirements. Teaching is adaptive, all our teachers adjust their curriculum to accommodate the students own personal music choices  
 Guitar Teacher Cape Town, For All Your Guitar Teacher Cape Town Requirements. We focus solely on music tuition, for Guitar, Piano, Violin and Singing - so we do it best!  



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No matter which instrument you want to learn - the best way to learn is in the comfort of your own home. The reason so many people fail when they try learn a musical instrument is they do not have that someone to be accountable to and to guide them along the way. What makes music lessons cape town so unique is we enable you to receive lessons in the comfort of your own home once a week. The best way to compare how we work to another industry is to think of a personal trainer, that someone that you commit to, pay money to, etc - and then you get the results you are looking for. Music lessons cape town focuses on the western cape area, and we offer lessons in the comfort of your own home for piano, guitar, singing and violin. There are many music schools in cape town, but for most of them they are difficult to get to during certain times of the day due to traffic, plus in this day and age we value our time, and can you really afford to spend 30 minutes in traffic getting to the lesson and 30 minutes driving home. When you look at it this way to pay R290 per lesson for a 45 minute lesson and this includes travel costs - this is a great deal.

Music plays an important role in people’s lives. Directly and indirectly it plays with our emotions. Music calms you down when you are angry, cheers you up when you are sad and through music our endorphins hormones are released to keep us happy it is an essential part of our day to day lifestyle. If you haven’t joined any music group, any vocal band or even any instrumental training, this is the right place to be. Come and join the music lessons in Cape Town, offered at an incredible low price. We care for you, your happiness is all that matters.  Your voices are of great use, learn how to sing with our patient music teachers they will leave you at an unbelievable note. If you are not talented with the singing voice at least you can play an instrument. It might be a guitar, piano be it a violin, we offer them all. Come and learn an instrument with us, all at affordable prices. Make a potential difference in your life, become a musician and help better your life and other people’s lives also. For booking ad more information please don’t hesitate, call us or visit us today.

Are you looking for a guitar teacher in cape town. Guitar teacher cape town is part of music lessons cape town, which is a company offering at home tuition for all types of instruments, including guitar. With guitar teacher cape town you can request a teacher nearby you who has transport to travel to your home to give the lessons. This makes a world of difference when it comes to the success of the student. Often when learning a music instrument, the interest begins to diminish after about three to four weeks. It is during this time that the most important phase of lessons happens, and you don’t want any temptation like a thirty minute drive in traffic to slow you down! With guitar teacher cape town you get a teacher who is willing to come to you, saving you time and therefore money. Our rates are also excellent at only R290 per lesson, which is for a 45 minute lesson, considering the guitar teacher comes to you no matter where you are in cape town, this makes it a really great deal. To find out more please read our PDF on our website, or you can email us directly on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , you can also fill in your details via the form on our website.

Music requires melody and sound to be brought together in harmony and not everyone can do it. You need people with a taste of music and skill, guitar Cape Town has what it takes for you to produce the perfect music, we have the right qualities to help you with your music. If it means travelling from all parts of the world all roads leading to Cape Town then be it because you will never find such guitar teachers who are passionate and fanatical about their work that produces excellent guitar playing. If you are in Cape Town or any place that is around this great city of kings, Cape Town, cheer up you can now get to learn how to play a guitar with our guitar teachers. They offer guitar lessons at very cheap prices. Everyone can afford it. Our guitar teachers are well trained to train all ages, there is no age restriction. If you can reason then you can play a guitar. Book with us and start having guitar lessons at affordable rate. We can also offer lessons at the comfort of your homes. What are you waiting for? Book now for guitar lessons with guitar teacher Cape Town.